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The world's only 3-D Diaphragm TM

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Planot Partners are manufacturers and suppliers for parts and whole components for Planot speakers.

Since the Planot driver is so unique I have made arrangements to have these partners provide custom components to you. Two partners are magnet manufacturers who will be supplying these to licensees of all types. Second is a voice coil manufacturer.You will buy finished components direct from the Planot Partners.

Planot Partners TM

Precision Econowind is a Planot partner.

Planot has partnered with Precision Econowind to sell the voice coils you need to make potors to drive your Planot diaphragms.

Planot Potor Voice Coils are being manufactured sold in partnership with Precision Econowind. Request model PVC01. The shape and impedance allows for arrangement of the voice coils into a doublet with a N/S, top and bottom orientation. Each potter would require a total of 4 voice coils, for a set. Contact info@planotspeaker for Planot diaphragm licensing information.

Contact Precision Econowind for voice coil pricing information.

Amazing Magnets is a Planot partner.

Planot has partnered with Amazing Magnets to sell the magnets you need to make potorsTM1 to drive your Planot diaphragms.

Contact Amazing Magnets for magnet pricing information.

One Magnet is a Planot Partner producing Planot magnets.

Other One Magnet customers...

Your Planot Contact at One Magnet is: Scotte,

Tel: 86-592-2387716(direct) 2397378 2397379 (ext 16)

Fax: 86-592-2397381 2396476 (ext 16)

E-mail: Scotte

Skype: shi.shiguo 

Name of product: Nd FeB magnet

Product #: Seg0.884'*0.86'*0.256



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Vibroacoustics. Structural Mechanics. Electromagnetics.

Loudspeakers. Microphones.

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Microacoustics. Metamaterials.

Shape Optimization.

Topology Optimization.

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