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Manufacturers can license the P4+ - the license includes blueprints and instructions to build these experimental prototypes ...

Now rewritten with more photos and reorganized notes and refined blueprints - the plans now include 8 specialized tools

Blueprints with dimensions, specifications, photos and instructions - include plans for tools to assist in building

Blueprints: The costs of parts and labor for a 2 Planot P4.5 Experimental speakers could be $5,000.00 U.S. That would include all parts and tooling. The cost of tooling (machining the parts) is about 50% of the cost so if you have your own machine shop that will cut your costs by 50%.

Remember, the design goal for this experimental prototype is maximum flexibility for experimentation. These cost will come down dramatically when producing an actual consumer design and with the efficiencies of mass production.

A production design would be significantly simplified and inexpensive.  Cost will vary according to material and tooling costs.

Compare that cost to the only loudspeaker design (German) that is even close to the Planot’s design and its price starts at $70,000.00 US. And who's proprietary omnidirectional driver technology is not used for its low frequencies!

The Experimental License includes about 55 documents (43 blueprints) -- Including a list of parts and materials and suggested sources for purchasing them and photos and diagrams

Greater than 95% of all materials and parts can be ordered from one internet site and all parts numbers and prices are given (note: this supplier does ship to almost all countries outside the U.S. If they don’t ship to your country a complete parts list is included).

• Planot Partners supply voice coils and magnets and will ship to locations outside the U.S.

• These license & plans are for companies to experiment with this new sound reproduction technology

• This license will allow you to construct a specified number of speakers with Planot patented technology

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... to get your plans - Licenses/plans are now shipping - A limited number will be granted in 2020.

Payments are through Paypal only. To receive your documents, including blueprints, you will need to be able to access Dropbox.

The Plans for P4+ updated in 2019

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