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The world's only 3-D Diaphragm TM

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Potor TM (pivot-motor)

Moving the PLANOT® diaphragm.

Here now.

The new Planot designed pivoting motor. It takes a new motor to drive a new diaphragm. This design is optimized to be modular so that the designer can freely experiment with different configurations; different voice coils and magnet assemblies can be tried with minimal effort.

The Potor utilized aluminum for its machinability, low weight and because it is nonmagnetic. Bolts and nuts are stainless steel. Aluminum is recyclable and inexpensive and the most common metal in the earth. Plastic material is used for motor plates.

But most of all it provides a quite and powerful motor that uses your amplifier’s signal to drive the Planot diaphragm. Unlike old cone speakers the motor is acoustically isolated from the diaphragm of the the speaker. The motor’s own sound is not added to the sound of the diaphragm. The motor having in its own enclosure means there is no interaction.