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The world's only 3-D Diaphragm TM

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The shape of things to come...

Planotary™ Planot's consumer loudspeaker.

Planotary surface area is greater than a 6" woofer.

Unimaginable frequency response and clarity at cost about 1/10 of what was c available. It's about the sound and convenience.

3-D sound by 3-D printing.

More details coming soon.

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• Magnet-homing-damping-device (MHDD) inside of diaphragm.

• Eliminates external support for diaphragm (previousily external Mast). Internal support.

• Bearings are internal to the diaphragm - plastic with glass ballbearings

"I am looking for traditional manufacturers to license my patent and as well as, partnering with Kickstarter and other crowdfunding loudspeaker projects."


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