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My entry "Clip to Improve the Performance of Face Masks" has been qualified by the review team as meeting the requirements for the Create the Future Design Contest.

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Medical experts agree that masks are a necessity in stopping the spread, and the mutation, of contagious diseases. I have invented a new device to improve most face mask's functionality.

This simple and inexpensive device can be a lifesaver. Small and easily cleaned.

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Cliper ™ is a Simple But Powerful Accessory for Face Masks

     1.     Cliper is a simple device that attaches to glasses and becomes a fixture for your mask’s ear straps. Cliper also works with safety glasses, sun glasses and fashion glasses.(1) Cliper will fit “standard size” eyeglasses(2)

     2.     Cliper supports your mask’s straps allowing improved fit of your mask over your nose as well as relieving some of the stress from the straps over your ears. Cliper is designed to work with face masks with ear straps.

     3.     When people talk wearing a mask, their mask continually slips down their face exposing their nose, defeating the whole purpose of wearing a mask.

     4.     Cliper will significantly help minimize slippage of the mask off your nose, while talking and chewing.

     5.     Because Cliper raises the ear strap, it can relieve some of the stress on your ears. Try the mask straps over the Upper Hook then the Lower Hook. Try both to see which is best.

     6.     Put your mask on and then put the two Cliper on your frames. Adjust the Cliper back and forth along your glasses’ temple frame for the best fit and function. Cliper supports “double masking.

          1) Don’t wear prescription glasses? No problem, there are “fashion glasses” ( Google it; there are many on ), safety glasses  and sunglasses. Fashion Glasses do not have correcting lenses and are very inexpensive. Research has indicated that wearing glasses protects you from infection from some pathogens.


          2) Usually the narrowest part of the frames are the “temple tips” at the ends which go over the ears. If you have difficulty attaching Cliper to the frame this is the best chance for a good fit. Cliper will easily fit most current glasses’ frames and also many large temple frames. A glasses’ temple frame could easily be .125” (1/8”) thick and .5” (1/2”) high and Cliper could still easily fit on the temple frames. Frames, possibly .2” thick, and .5” high with care may still fit into Cliper, while gently bending Cliper, if possible.

Cliper is a Trademark of Planot, LLC

Cliper is protected by a U.S. Patent Pending

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It is intended to improve the mechanical performance of some face masks. It is not intended to prevent any disease or health condition. Cliper does not have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification. Cliper should be used by healthy adults in a stable environment and is only meant to improve the some aspects of the fit of your face mask. No medical advice can be concluded from using Cliper. You should discontinue using Cliper if you experience deviation from normal face mask functioning or discomfort. If Cliper causes any skin irritation then remove the product immediately. Never disregard professional medical advice.”

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