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The world's only 3-D Diaphragm TM

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Well, it is going to take some time for manufacturers to ramp up production to make Planot speakers. I have tried to make that as easy as possible with a design ready to be engineered into products. I have worked out the basic dimensions and parameters.

Much, but not all, of the speaker knowledge and wisdom that came from the development of that device invented so long ago by Alexander Graham Bell, will still apply to a Planot speaker. In fact some can be just thrown away as not needed!

If you are familiar with the high-end audio press then you are aware of design trends of the last few decades; smaller baffles, rounded box edges, rounded and curved boxes, full range speakers that leave out crossovers, omnidirectional speakers, phase coherence, flat frequency response, small size. If you roll all of those goals into one product you will have the Planot.

Many high-end manufactures talk of the huge investment they have made in both research  and development, not to mention manufacturing costs, to make the perfect speaker box. These speakers can cost tens of thousands of dollars!

What is the cost of no box?

The choice is yours. Vote with your money. Personally I would rather spend my money on more music rather than bigger boxes.

I do not make or sell Planot speakers. I license the Planot design to manufacturers.

Planot is a new, patented, diaphragm technology to produce sound.

My company, Planot, LLC, is licensing my patent to entities wishing to manufacturer it.

What this means for the consumer is significantly better sound for significantly less money. Do you like speakers that sell for a lot of money or speakers that sound good?

Every audio guru will tell you, speakers are the weakest link in sound reproduction chain. Now, I have raised that bar to a significant high level.

Now you will be able to clearly hear the difference between amps and preamps and wires and recordings. Be forewarned that there are many bad recordings. This advancement raises everyone’s bar. There is no going back.

Do you have a manufacturer you admire?

Contact them and tell them if you are interested in speakers based on Planot technology.

Ask them to contact me and start discussing licensing of the Planot patent.